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My path to becoming a professional musician started at Berklee College of Music where I studied composing and arranging. Upon graduation I moved to NYC and have been a successful composer, arranger and orchestrator. Although I was trained as a pencil and paper musician, since leaving Berklee I have embraced the technology that has become the staple of every working composer. In other words, I am a gear slut ... I have a wonderful collection of vintage recording equipment and microphones that I use in tandem with a Mac-based DAW system loaded with the latest in software. Today's tools open up possibilities never seen before and I love exploring them. I am continually influenced by a variety of genres. Tom Waits to Bartok, Thomas Newman to Danger Mouse, Coltrane to Spoon - all music has something to take away from it, learn, build upon and inspire new ideas.

A great deal of my composing work has been creating music for advertising. It's great to be challenged by transitioning from genre to genre and stretching my chops as a writer. I write all of my music for advertising and audio branding through my very good friends at Big Foote Music and Sound here in NYC. Scoring for visuals is really about problem solving. There is a story to be told and my job is finding the most unique way to help tell that story whether it's for TV, Film or Gaming.

As an arranger and orchestrator, I am adept at working with whatever the composer or producer is comfortable providing and turning it into the the finished piece they envision. Anything from a full-up synth sketch to a two-stave piano guide. Given today's restrained budgets, I am sensitive to the need to get the most out of an ensemble even if it is smaller than the ideal. Having led hundreds of recording sessions in New York, LA, London and Amsterdam, I am a seasoned conductor. Even more importantly, I have an effective methodology in rehearsal techniques and an easygoing rapport with musicians. As there is rarely a great deal of time to perfect a performance, quickly identifying and targeting trouble areas while guiding the ensemble in the most efficient manner is paramount.